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1. Zidoo X9S
2. Zidoo X10
3. Zidoo X20
4. Zidoo X20 Pro
5. Dune HD Pro 4K
6. Dune Neo Plus 4K
7. Zappiti One SE 4K HDR
8. Egreat A8
9. Egreat A10
10. Egreat A11

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Wireless Hard Disk Storage (WiFi Hard Disk 1TB)

1,700,000 IDR

Wireless WiFi Disk + External Power Bank (3000mAh)
This Wifi USB3.0 Hard Drive has a built-in 3000 mAh power bank that you can use to charge your mobiles devices as well.
It creates its own Wi-Fi network, so you can access all your content on-the-go without using wires, Internet hotspots or your data plan.

The Advantage points:
1) Wireless storage and sharing
2) With wire/wireless router function(AP+Client/AP+WAN)
3) With power bank function, 3000mAh li-on

Size : 130mm*82mm*25mm
Storage interface : USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Network interface : RJ45 Ethernet interface
OS : iOS, Win XP/Vista/7, Android, MAC OS, Linux
Power consumption : 3.7W(HDD R/W)
Standby consumption : 2.5W (Non HDD R/W) , 2.1W (HDD hibernation )
Supporting HDD : ≤9.5mm 2.5 inch HDD, including SSD
Power input : V 1.3A, recommending 5V 2A power adapter
Battery : 3000MAH Lithium battery; ≤4 hours video playing capability
Power bank output : 5V 1A
NTFS turbo : Integrated with NTFS patent algorithm, increasing wireless downloading speed 100% for NTFS HDD
Wi-Fi : 802.11 a/b/g/n
Routing functions : Supporting AP+Client, AP+WAN/Wi-Fi bridge mode
Audio : MP3,AAC,m4a,wav,aiff
Video : MP4,MOV,m4v,avi,M-JPEG,supporting 720P/1080P
Document : keynote,numbers,page,excel,word,pdf,txt,ppt
Connection capability : ≤255 client connecting,≤4 720P video playing simultaneously